Eidos GREAT ART image matching card game by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

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Ancient Egypt, the Dutch Baroque Period, Stone Age Austria, feudal Japan, 20th century Mexico... You’ll find the works of artists you know, as well as time-honored creators whose work speaks for itself.

Spend time with beautiful art pieces of genius.

EIDOS is a beautiful card-matching game you can pick up and play!

Each deck has 73 cards, each with 9 different images.

While no 2 cards are the same, any 2 cards have only 1 imagein common ...but can you find it first?

Boxed set contains Eidos card deck, instruction book with rules for 7 different kinds of gameplay, and fold-out image gallery mini poster.

Ages 8+
2-8 players
Play time 15-30 min.